Top 10 Platforms to Promote your Data Science skills

In this day and age it is very important to know how to promote yourself. For example, when you want to find some help or some course, you ask Google or your best friends. We people love recommendation when we buy something or hire someone for example. It is same in business, especially in data science. I think promotion is equally important as your skills. People need to know what you can do.And remember nowadays everything is on the go. If you aren’t online, you don’t exist.


Of course If you promote yourself and you don’t have necessary skills or knowledge in that department it is really bad. Why is that? Because everything you publish online stays forever. You can only lie your customers few times,but what after that? For example one study from Harvard says that is 6 times more expensive to obtain one new customer, then to save your old customer. So customers are the most important. You should never lie or try to deceive your customers.

So believe me you must have skills and also to know how to promote it.

Here are top 10 places where you should have an online presence to truly stand out from the crowd: