Tableau 2019.1 for Data Science 3.5hours

Generate useful insights from messy data. Fix, experiment with, prepare and present data quickly & easily with Tableau.

Chapter 1 : Tableau Basics

You will learn the basics of Tableau. You will see how to use Tableau, color formatting, creating calculated fields, labeling, exporting your results


Chapter 2 : Your first dashboard

We will implement everything we learned in the previous section and work on case study together- Unemployment rate in the USA. You will make your first Area chart and learn how to use highlighting. After this section, you will be ready to analyze your data in Tableau and present it to your clients, managers, etc.


Chapter 3 : Colour Schema for Data Visualisation

You will learn color theory and chose the best color patterns for your dashboards. Learn triad color schema and apply to your dashboard.  You will then dig deeper and learn about monochromatic color schemas, complementary colors and colors backgrounds.


Chapter 4 : Data Science Project using Colour Schemas

You will test your color palette and make visualization. You will also see how to implement different color split and triad color schemes and more such as analog color scheme implementation


Chapter 5 : Profit Analysis Dashboard

You have been recruited as a freelancer for AmazingMart EU that supplies Furniture, Office Supplies and Technology products to customers across Western Europe. You will display the overall profit per product category and product sub-category. You will allow the user to dynamically expand/collapse the level of product category in this visualization, and they should be able to filter on order year. You will combine horizontal bar chart, Scatterplot and Filled maps charts into a dashboard with full interactivity between the charts, where a selection on one updates the remaining charts. Stakeholders will easily see insights and results they wanted to know. After this section, you will be able to make profit analysis for different clients.


Chapter 6 : Advance Tableau Visualisation

You will work on most popular dataset Titanic Passenger Survival. You will learn data preparation using LOD calculations, Base Sankey calculation, building the core chart and additional homework.


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