How to help business grow  profit with data science ?

You’ve just completed an incredible data science or data analytics project. You still need to present your findings to your manager, client or even a large audience at the conference. Powerful visualization or machine learning projection can make or break your project. What should you do?


Clients aren’t paying for your ML algorithms!

They aren’t even paying for the resulting projection that the machine learning comprises.

The value is in what the client believes the data science will do to improve their condition. Sell the OUTCOME of your activity, not the OUTPUT.

Project Development

Helping decision makers implement data science in their business and how to gain more profit with machine learning insights.

Business Coaching for Data Scientists

 Machine Learning algorithm is one of the least valuable things an experienced data scientist can offer to a client. They are paying for the business outcome that they believe the data science will achieve. Learn how to be a expert in your field.


Enjoy in my free screencasts were you can learn data storytelling with Tableau, machine learning with Python and how to promote yourself and company or your clients.

Tableau 2019 for Data Science

Learn how to deal with messy data and visualize your results with maps and dashboards. Use Tableau 2019.1 to answer key data decision questions, and visualize your results with maps and dashboards.

How to become Data Scientist in 6 months

 Marketing is changing how porspective clients understand your business. Specialization in data science forces you to become very specific about who you help or what kind of problem you solve.This helps your clients and gets them working in your favour. I will show you how to learn by doing and get in data science in only 6 months.


This is my journey to the stars. Enjoy in the different topics from Ml, Deep Learning, Blockchain and AI every Friday.

Get Job Easy As 1…2…3…

I’m sorry but you’re going to have to market yourself. 

In order to get your first job as data scientist you have to develop trust on Linkedin. It is not enough to have awesome technical skills , you have to tell the world how you awesome are.  You will learn how to make your portfolio, CV and optimize your Linkedin profile as data scientist. As a bonus we will practice interwieving questions. After this you will be ready to get your first job as data scientist. 

Free Courses

I will show you my story how I become a data scientist in 6 months. I will teach you data storytelling with Tableau, machine learning with Python.

See all codes on Github

For all technical blogs and screencasts, you can find all codes and datasets.

Premium Courses

Learn Data science and Machine Learning  from scratch. Coming soon.

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